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Calculation of Planar Transmission Line Parameters

Calculate the

  1. Effective permittivity and impedance of Micro-strip Lines
  2. Micro-strip Lines: Bend, Open, Via
  3. Effective permittivity and impedance of Strip Lines
  4. Coupled Micro-strips
  5. Edge and broadside coupled Strip-Lines
  6. Design Attenuators (Pi and T)
  7. Equivalent Circuit for short transmission lines (Pi and T)
  8. Design (one kind of) Butterworth and Chebycheff-filters

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Further Downloads such as

  1. Find optimum mixer power and dynamic range of your spectrum analyzer
  2. Check spuriouses of your non-linear elements (mixer, amplifier, whatever)
  3. Calculate your 2-element reactive matching circuit automatically (with Smith-Chart illustration!)
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